The Central Coast and Hunter Region specialist in solar power installations

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The Central Coast and Hunter Region specialist in solar power installations


& Experience

Our accredited installers regularly attend CEC installer talks, which keeps us up-to-date with rules and regs. We also travel Australia to attend trade shows and Solar conferences, to learn more about the very latest products as well as the direction of the industry.


Industry leading equipment

We use products and materials from the biggest name manufacturers, with a proven track record, sound warranties, and testing in Australian conditions. Using inferrior products won't be doing you any favours, and in turn when they fail...well, nobody wins


Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

We wanted to offer a service where we back up everything we do. We know we use the absolute highest quality materials and installation practices. So it's easy for us to feel confident in our workmanship, and therefore to offer you a lifetime workmanship warranty. If a product fails, we will do a full fault assessment, and even assist with replacements during product warranty periods.

Your job will be designed, planned, installed correctly and safely, and only then meter changed over and your solar PV system connected to the grid.  


  • Quality Service – we will do what’s best for you, not what’s easiest for us
  • Value For Money – we will allow you to choose the products you want to use from our range of suppliers, that suit your needs and/or budget
  • Uncompromising Safety – we like to go home and sleep at night, and use industry best practices as set out by the Clean Energy Council.


  • Advise and educate you on the produsts available, and the best course of action
  • Assure you that your work is in capable and professional hands
  • And provide outstanding service: before – during- and after. If we exceede expactions, then maybe you will happy to give us a ‘raving review’


Welcome to Redshift Solar! Redshift Solar is the new wing of Redshift Electrical. Redshift Electrical has been around since 2011. We saw a market with our existing clients for solar installations and repairs from guys that care and have integrity. Thus we opened a fully dedicated Solar PV taskforce.

Our objective is to do the right thing by our loyal customers, not what is easy for us. We believe people hire us because they want things done properly and understand the value in better products and installations performed with care.

Solar PV systems should last between 10-20 years if quality products are used, and are installed correctly.  The best brands also have performance warranties of 25-30years.

We also are a Level 2 Accredited Service Provider (ASP). Which means we can  change and install new Ausgrid metering. We don’t need to use outside sub-contractors and you don’t need to wait for your Solar PV system to be connected, or even better, no additional costs for metering at the end! When we leave site, the system is online that very day.

Our small, talented team is simply the best in their field. They love their job, work safely using industry approved safe work methods, have and use all the correct tools, have excellent problem solving skills,  and love to make the finished job look perfect.

We have access to all the top brands and products, and  knowing all the features they are capabile of can help you choose the correct components for you.



UP-FRONT PRICING – You’ll always know the full price in advance before you give us the go-ahead. Like you, we prefer nice surprises!

CLEAN AND TIDY – Redshift’s employees wear uniforms and maintain a tidy work space. Cleaning up after ourselves is important. Even our vans are tidy! 

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE – Your compliance certificate is your written guarantee for all work we carry out. You will also receive a booklet with information on your system, including shut down steps or what to do if a fault occurs. And don’t forget our workmanship carries a lifetime guarantee.

GENUINE ADVICE AND SUPPORT – Our over-the-phone diagnostics support often removes the need for an emergency call out and the job can be scheduled in as normal.

WE ARE A 1STOP SHOP – we deal with paperwork at the start, we can handle your STC rebate process, we design in-house,  and then install with care the best solar pv system for you. We even finish the job off by changing the metering over….so when we leave site, your system is up and running that same day

Call redshift solar and Find out everything  you need to know about  STC rebates and your (ROI)  Return Of Investment if you install solar pv. 

Clean Energy Council

As an accredited Clean Energy Council Installer, Gavin O’Donnell undergoes continuous professional development and technical upskilling.

Redshift Solar will ensure,  the best possible standard of solar PV installations. Our solar installers will also assess if systems are eligible for  rebates with the (STC’s) Small-Scale Technology Certificates and feed-in tariffs.

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What to look for in a solar power installer?

Look for an accredited installer … with an established track record, relevant experience, specialist expertise, and a good reputation.”

Choice Magazine, June 2017

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