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"We're clearly leading the world in rooftop solar," 

Matthew Warren, Chief Executive ESAA (Energy Supply Association Of Australia)

More than 15% of Australian households and 23% of Australians businesses have installed rooftop solar power generation systems.  

And they all must be installed  correctly... right?

Actually a lot of existing systems, No.

We wanted to say something funny here to begin with, like your panels must face the sun, or must not be installed under trees, or your system must have its cables connected to the meter. They are actual problems we have come across, even lately. When installers are lifting tree branches out of the way to install solar PV panels then that system is not going to perform! 

Simply put, your solar PV panels should face the sun at some point during the solar day. We can "tune" your system to produce more power in the morning/afternoon or summer/winter. Having access to your previous bills and doing a detailed electrical data assessment, will allow us to give you the correct solution.

Is it better to jump on a deal you just seen and get on the solar PV train, or wait and buy the good stuff?....No, way! trust us and wait. In a few years when those good deal systems start failing, and need to be replaced, including labour costs, that good deal will have cost you double, plus add all the power you will have missed generating.


Which Inverter

Comparisons between micro inverters and string inverters are all everywhere,but which is right for you? If you can book an appointment with Redshift Solar, our installers can use our industry knowledge and experience working on the Central Coast, to give you the low-down on what you need, what you don’t need, and how you can get the most out of a finely tuned solar PV system


Maximum Array Size

The maximum size solar PV system will depend on your local distributor and how many active phases you have on your property


Consumers mains cable

There is also an important factor of the size of your existing consumers mains cable, which may need upgrading to get the most out of your system. Door-to-door salesmen will sell and install solar PV without advising you on these requirements. Our foundations as electrical contractors gives us experience and knowledge above and beyond the door-to-door salesman to keep you safe and compliant, while maximising solar PV yield.


What is a tier one solar panel?

Well not all "Tier 1" solar PV panels are the same in terms of: *quality of build *efficiency *power output *product warranty ***performance warranty

Tier One Solar Panel

Rebate Information

There are benefits for households and businesses installing a solar PV system,  through the Small-Scale Techonology Certificate (STC) Scheme.

The scheme provides a rebate based on the size of solar PV output expected. You are allocated (STC's) small-scale technology certificates that you can exchange with us for a discount on total system and installation costs, or you may choose to sell them privately to another agent in an online space. We (or the agent) then sells in the registry weeks or months later when a buyer becomes available.

The number of certificates you are assigned is based on how much electricity your solar PV system generates in its life, as well as helping the enviroment, by reducing the amount of pollution that would have been created to produce the electricity your solar PV system has saved being produced by fossil fuels, great right!   

Top quality Solar PV panels are expected to have a lifespan of between 10 & 20 years. So the better the brand, the more R&D. So that increases the likelyhood of a long service life.  


Speak to Redshift Solar to find out more about the scheme.

roof solar panel

Five things that affect solar performance

  1. Shading - from a nearby building, a chimney or trees that sway across your roof occasionally
  2. Panel Direction - panels not facing the sun will not produce power, and may cause the inverter to drop out many times a day causing damage
  3. Panel Tilt - ideally adjusted from season to season
  4. Equipment Efficiencies - choose manufacturers who extensively test and incorporate advanced technology
  5. Extremes of Temperature - conditions that can cause damaging voltages or the inverter to drop out 

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