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“We’re clearly leading the world in rooftop solar,” 

Matthew Warren, Chief Executive ESAA (Energy Supply Association Of Australia)  

The record 1,057 megawatts of capacity in small-scale systems installed across the country smashed the previous record set in 2012, figures from the Clean Energy Regulator showed. It equated to 9,500 installed every day.

 The data also revealed that the average system size has also doubled since then from 3kW to 6kW as average prices continued to fall.



Which Inverter

Comparisons between micro inverters and string inverters are all everywhere,but which is right for you? Check out or infosheet in resources for more information


Maximum Array Size

The maximum size solar PV system will depend on your local distributor and how many active phases you have on your property


Consumers mains cable

There is also an important factor of the size of your existing consumers mains cable, which may need upgrading to get the most out of your system.


What is a tier one solar panel?

Well not all "Tier 1" solar PV panels are the same in terms of: *quality of build *efficiency *power output *product warranty ***performance warranty

Tier One Solar Panel

Rebate Information

There are benefits for households and businesses installing a solar PV system,  through the Small-Scale Techonology Certificate (STC) Scheme.

The current scheme provides a rebate based on the size of solar PV system installed.  It has 13 years left, and will reduce the number of STC’s you can get every year on December 31st. 

You are allocated (STC’s) small-scale technology certificates that you can exchange with us for a discount on total system and installation costs, or you may choose to sell them privately to another agent in an online space.

The number of certificates you are assigned is based on how much electricity your solar PV system generates in its life, including reducing the environmental impact  of pollution from burning fossil fuels that would have been created to produce the electricity your solar PV system has saved.

A Solar PV system has an expected lifespan of 25 years.   

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roof solar panel

Five things that affect solar performance

  1. Shading – from a nearby building, a chimney or trees that sway across your roof occasionally
  2. Panel Direction – panels not facing the sun will not produce power, and may cause the inverter to drop out many times a day causing damage
  3. Panel Tilt – ideally adjusted from season to season
  4. Equipment Efficiencies – choose manufacturers who extensively test and incorporate advanced technology
  5. Extremes of Temperature – conditions that can cause damaging voltages or the inverter to drop out 

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