Electric Vehicles

Your electric vehicle power specialists on the Central Coast and in the Hunter

Save Money And Help The Environment

Electric vehicles use between 40 and 50 per cent less electricity than a petrol vehicle of similar size and driving distance. Using your solar PV system or a free charging station will lower the cost of charging your EV. They are also easier and cheaper to maintain.

How Redshift Solar Can Help You  

If you need an electric vehicle charging station at either your home, work or both, we can help. We can also handle upgrades for your main switchboard, such as cabling, new circuit protection for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs).

Electric Vehicle Power Issues We Solve

  • Will you charge an EV (electric vehicle) from home, office or both? If so, will you want to charge your vehicle using a combination of grid imported power, ESS (battery) and solar PV energy?
  • Electric vehicles draw a large amount of power, and will require a dedicated high current sub-circuit from the main switchboard.
  • Does your main switchboard require upgrading in order to connect an EV charging station?

What You Get With Redshift Solar

Approved Solar Retailer

We’re a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, having demonstrated a commitment to responsible sales and solar industry best practices.

Knowledge & Experience

Our accredited installers attend CEC installer talks, keeping us up-to-date with rules and regs. We also attend trade shows and solar conferences, to learn more about the latest products and the industry.

Industry-Leading Equipment

We use quality products and materials from the biggest name manufacturers, with a proven track record, sound warranties, and professional testing in harsh Australian conditions.

Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

A lifetime workmanship warranty. We wanted to offer a service where we back up everything we do. We use the highest quality materials and installation practices. We’re confident in our workmanship.

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