Battery Storage

Tesla Energy Powerwall Home Battery

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We can install battery systems that alert you or us of faults 


Why battery storage?

Why waste the energy you harness when you can store it for when you need it, or when energy tariffs are high? Don't sell excess energy to the grid for penny's when you're not using it, and then buy it back from them when you need it for a high rate!


a battery to suit

Tesla, Fronius, SMA, BYD...are only a few of the big name battery manufacturers. They are all constructed with different chemicals, and have a DOD (dept of discharge) rate that needs to be considered, as well as cost to purchase. Let's get this important choice correct if you want battery storage, and allow us to do an energy assessment to guage your energy requirements


battery capacity

Biggest, the most shiny, and most expensive is not always best. Adding a battery is a considerable investment, and we want to make sure it pays for itself as soon as possible. Also choosing smaller capacity modular batteries, can suit limited budgets and allow you to expand the system with ease when required.

EFOY Pro800 Battery Storage
Acquion Energy Battery Module
ZCell storage system
LG Battery storage

Things to remember

It's important to speak to an expert as you consider making use of Battery Storage technology. If you talk to one of our accredited solar installers, we can tell you the best and latest products that could suit you and your budget

  1. Each type of solar PV system needs a particular type of battery. There are different voltages to consider.  Also do you need an AC or DC coupled battery. You may also want a new battery compatabile inverter, or you may want to leave everything as it is and keep your existing equipmet .  Redshift Solar will identify the solar PV  battery  for you, and size the appropriate battery for your energy usage 
  2. We also will need to assess if you have enough solar PV output from, you existing solar PV panels and inverter to charge an additional battery, as well as still help power your home. Maybe an upgrade of your panels to a new higher wattage solar PV panels will add that extra capacity while keeping the same footprint
  3. As battery-ready inverters are relatively new, it's likely that inverters more than 2 or 3 years old will need to be upgraded to allow for some types of battery storage. However we can add batteries to existing setups, but we will need to do a full assessment
  4. Most battery systems can have additional software added to allow us to be notified of any faults, so we can make sure you always have a fully functional system 
redshift solar

The Redshift Solar Difference

Redshift Solar will only supply and install "big name" brands who carry out R&D, and warranty their products here in Australia. If anything ever did develop a fault, we will fully assess the cause, and arrange a repair or replacement......Gavin O'Donnell (Redshift Group Pty Ltd - Owner)

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