(ESS) Battery Storage

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How much solar power are you exporting to the grid, and then buying back at a higher rate every day?


Why ESS?
(Energy storage system)

Have you invested in a solar PV system and have been selling excess energy to the grid for penny's when you're not using it, and then buying it back from them when you need it for a high rate?

Maybe now you would like to:
A - become self-sufficient, B - have back-up power for emergencies, C - avoid buying peak-rate electricity from your supplier by using an ESS.

99% of all battery systems will be installed to "save" money and help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.


a battery to suit

Storing electricity in batteries is the new trend for saving on your electricity bills.

The cost of a battery and installation is a considerable investment, but this medium is now coming of age with associated price drops and 10 year warranties available from manufacturers.

As with installing solar panels, you will see the savings over time.

MSC (maximising self consumption) enabled inverter-battery systems can all but eliminate any power used from the grid.


WHAT SIZE battery?

Choosing the battery capacity to suit your energy demands and provide optimum savings for you, requires us to design and engineer a solution that will work with your existing solar PV system components, fall within your budget, and meet (and exceed) all safety standards.

Modular batteries can also allow for future expansion when more power is required, or your budget allows incremental add-ons.

How long will a battery last? Usually you already know what you want to power and for how long, so our energy assessment will allow us to size the required ESS for your needs.

ESS should only be designed, and installed by accredited qualified personnel.

Acquion Energy Battery Module
ZCell storage system
LG Battery storage

Things to remember

choosing an ess (energy storage system) that suits your needs, budget, and that will work with any existing solar PV systems is what we are good at, however here are a few important points worth considering:

  1. NOT ALL SOLAR INVERTERS WILL WORK WITH ALL BATTERIES – Each type of solar PV system needs a particular type of battery, usually because of different voltages, but there are other factors to consider. 
  2. YOU MAY NOT HAVE ENOUGH SOLAR PANELS TO CHARGE THE NEW BATTERY – We will need to assess if you have enough solar PV output from your existing solar PV panels/inverter, to charge an additional battery, as well as continue to power your existing loads. In some cases an upgrade of your panels to a new higher wattage solar PV panels will add that extra capacity while keeping the same footprint
  3. YOU DON’T NEED A NEW INVERTER – as battery-ready inverters are relatively new, it’s likely that inverters more than 2 or 3 years old will need to be upgraded to allow for communication between a new ESS and the inverter. However we can add batteries to existing solar PV systems, but we will need to do a full assessment
  4. YOU WILL NEED A GOOD INTERNET PACKAGE FOR ADVANCED FEATURES – Most battery systems have additional software that allow you/us to be notified of any faults, as well as for monitoring. If you don’t have a good internet package, we can also design a GSM system to allow for reporting, and allow you to utilise the advanced features of most new solar ESS.
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The Redshift Solar Difference

Redshift Solar will only supply and install "big name" brands who carry out R&D, and warranty their products here in Australia. If anything ever did develop a fault, we will fully assess the cause, and arrange a repair or replacement......Gavin O'Donnell (Redshift Group Pty Ltd - Owner)

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